Tajuana Blackmon, President

Hey Big Girl!

I'm Tajuana Blackmon- a Lifestyle  Vlogger and Content Creator born and raised in Kansas City, MO. Being a big girl has always been my aesthetic whether I liked it or not. I would get teased in school because I was always the tallest, the darkest, and the BIGgest. Not only that, but because I was so tall and I had big feet too lol. Back then there weren't any plus size stores, there was Fashion Bug and Lane Bryant but even those weren't suitable for a little 10 year old girl. SO, I was made fun of a lot because I could never find trendy clothes that were in my size. As a kid, I needed a consistent reminder that it's okay to be different from everyone else. I went on to high school and continued to do everything my "negative size" peers were doing like volleyball and cheerleading. In college I participated in multiple step shows, pageants and fashion shows because I wasnt seeing representation for girls that looked like me. I was always taught if you dont see the change, BE THE CHANGE. That motto birthed the Curves and Crowns Pageant I hosted by way of my sorority- The Zealous Zeta Lambda Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. The pageant highlighted curvy bodies and served as a visibility project for plus size woman. Once returning to KCMO, I created a YouTube Channel under my nickname TeeRunTheWorld, posting beauty reviews, tutorials and plus size tips and tricks through my "Hey Big Girl" series. In 2019, I expanded "The Hey Big Girl" to establish a community promoting body positivity, liberation and unity among the plus size community. When I started my YouTube Channel I vowed to always be the woman I needed when I was a kid- which is why I'm so excited about KCPW. Now that we are becoming more visible and being plus size is more normalized, we can finally stand confidently and celebrate our size. Thats what KCPW is all about. -Tajuana


Vice President, Alesha Bowman


My name is Alesha Bowman and I have  always had a love for fashion and coordinating outfits. I  was introduced to "thrifting" at the age of 9 when I visited my first thrift store with my grandmother. Even at an early age, I  was aware that I had a larger body and found that the cut and structure of my new thrifted finds made me feel more comfortable and confident. As I grew older my relationship with fashion and

  thrifting grew as well and eventually evolved into a passion that lead me to obtaining a  bachelor's  degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. After years of compliments on my style and questions about where I found clothing for my larger frame, I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with other womxn. In March of 2018, I launched unLESHed+ Resale Boutique online . In April of 2019, unLESHed+ opened the physical location.

After completing my undergrad years I obtained my masters in Student Affairs in Higher education where I worked in diversity and inclusion for 5 years. It was during this time that I was able to fully focus on and practice my skills of relationship building and event planning planning for large scale events. KCPW is the culmination of my life's work in fashion and education. This 4 day festival is for me, yes- but also for YOU! For the little girl with thick thighs and has to shop in the womxn's section; For those who questions if their size will keep them from being desirable; For the darkskinned, fat black woman that society tells she is the furthest thing from what is considered beautiful, desirable, attractive; For the bigger folx who dream of being at the pool without a cover up but havn't quite found the courage; For the confidaet, outgoing, and extra flyy big girls/guys who are waiting for the world to catch up; KCPW is for US!!! I cant wait to see yo' BIG FINE self walk through the door! -Alesha